We Enable Ecopreneurs to Build Amazing Things

Established in January 2021, Ecoxyztem is a joint venture between Greeneration Indonesia, a pioneering organization in environmental issues, and Impacteam, a social impact consultancy. Sharing the mutual concern on how to accelerate environmental solutions to the environmental problems.

We're providing limitless involvement and support, Ecoxyztem enables ecopreneurs and startups to focus on building and scaling up their impactful and profitable business.

About us

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most reliable support and go-to platform for anyone who wants to build a better business that grows together with our environment and quality of life by 2030

About us 02

January 2021 - Present

Ever since we started in January 2021 and walk trough several iterations, we decided to be a venture builder with the mission to enable ecopreneurs to solve climate challenge at scale.

“Enabling ecopreneurs to solve climate challenge at scale“
Ecoxyztem Mission · Circa 2021

Anyway! Nice to Meet You

Team member 01

Bijaksana Junerosano

President Director & Co-founder

Mohamad Bijaksana Junerosano is the Founder of Greeneration Indonesia group, a social enterprise that promotes eco-friendly lifestyles. Talk to Sano anything about waste management, green advocacy, and circular economy.

Team member 01

Jonathan Davy

CEO & Co-founder

Jody is the Co-Founder of Ecoxyztem, he has works in wide range of company from finance, smart city, and government advocacy. Talk to Jody anything about business model, investment, and make things happen.

Team member 02

Andreas Pandu Wirawan

CCO & Co-founder

Pandu is the Co-Founder of Ecoxyztem, climate and youth movement enthusiast and have strong experience in managing climate movement. Talk to Pandu anything about movement, partnership, advocacy and get onboard

Team member 03

Julio Anthony Leonard

CTO & Co-founder

Julio is the Co-Founder of Ecoxyztem, a tech enthusiast and has experienced in scaling up tech systems internationally and strong experience in data and machine learning. Talk to Julio anything about scaling tech product, prototyping, managing data, and machine learning products

Team member 04

Dicky Ahmad

COO & Co Founder

Dicky is the Co-Founder of Greeneration Indonesia and Ecoxyztem, he has strong 11 years of experience in operational excellence. In his free time, he loves to learn anything new and teaching at universities. Talk to Diki anything about operations, legal, accounting and tax, a good helpful hands and minds

Team member 05

Denisa Rizkiya Soewardi

Strategic Partnership Manager

Denisa is the Founding Team of Impacteam, with her experience in program & social campaign she is ready to solve climate issues. Talk to Denisa anything about campaign, program, and partnership. Her friendly way of enggaging people is what makes our community stick.

Team member 06

Ratna Ningrum Sudaryo

Organizational & Communication Manager

A professional who have served about 5+ years in working closely related to Administration, Communication, Human Resources, and Project Management at MNC, NGO, and international development cooperation.Talk to Nana anything about media and publishing she is the swiss knife of our team

Team member 07

Lara Syofbrina

Financial and Tax Manager

Lara is among the Founding Team for Greeneration Indonesia, her strong background in accounting and tax has helped the company to survive 6 years and transforming into ecoxyztem. Talk to Lara anything about accounting, tax planning, tax software, and government regulations.

Team member 08

Natasha Amalia Alprianti

UI/UX Freelance Designer

Tasha has strong experience in project management and she is a volunteer at heart and mind. She pick up a lot of skills along the line and this is Tasha journey to UI/UX Designer Talk to Tasha anything about volunteering and design, she will be happy to share.

Team member 09

Arya Putra Rizkya Akbar

Program Development Consultant

Arya graduated from Bioenergy Engineering And Chemurgy at Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). He is interested in the renewable energy-related issue. Talk with Arya about self development, method to process data, and design thinking

Team member 01

Felicia Marcella Gunawan

Program Development Consultant

A graduate in environmental engineering at the University of Stavanger that is skilled in experimenting and analyzing data and presenting them to teams. Also, interested in environmental issues & technology, business management, and digital technology industry & startups.

Team member 01

Nadilla Ramadhita

Strategic Communications Consultant

Nadilla is an interior designer with excepcional talent in multiple media communication such as making video, designing, and many more. Talk with Nadilla anything about design and communication.

Sounds like we are building something cool?