Welcome to Ecoxyztem

We empower ecopreneurs to solve climate change at scale


How Ecoxyztem Works

We are with you in your early journey partnering from initial contact to launch and validate

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Transformative XYZ journey

Any stage. Any challenge. We take the hassle out of any stage.

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Our Offerings

Collaborate with us? Here is our offers!


We help you to prepare for fundraising and connect to investors


You will be our first class citizen in all our flagship program

Business Model Validation

We partner with you to brainstorm the product and ensuring it can reach product market fit

IT Consultancy

We help you to bring the scalable product solution

Social media

We partner and broadcast any good movement in climate sector

Operations Excellence

We have strong team in operations, finance, and legal that can helps you avoid accident at work

Running Traction

Beginning in early 2021, we have reached some milestones yet we are keep progressing

Entrepreneurs in Community.
Startup in Launchpad Program.
Startup Currently Built.
Founder Spin-Out.
Invested in Spinout Startup.
Accelerator Completed.

Family of Ecoxyztem

Our cohort that have been with us over the year

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