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X-Seed is an online learning platform for students and the public who want to learn about sustainability, green business, and business strategies. Students can get certificates when completing the courses and connected to startup community in Ecoxyztem.

platform x-seedplatform x-seed

The materials are prepared directly by experts both in the environmental field and in the business sector in Indonesia

You can get an e-certificate every time you complete the course you enrolled

Join the ecopreneurs community to connect with startup founders, mentors, and sustainable business enthusiast

Circular Jumpstart

Circular Jumpstart is a startup incubation program, designed to help startups in their infancy succeed by providing mentoring, training, and access to seed funding as well as investments. This 2-month program is targeting climate-tech startups as the key players towards the success of a circular economy.

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Food Loss & Food Waste Campaign

In order to support and contribute to an environmentally-based development economy, Ecoxyztem is partnering up with the Embassy of Kingdom of Netherlands in conducting campaign on food loss and food waste (FLW), as well as waste management challenges as well as its opportunities.

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